Lamar Jackson Absent from OTAs – Should Fans Worry?

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/27 3:55A Darin McCann
Time to Worry About QB1? It was either Aristotle or Alfred E. Neuman who uttered the famous pontification, “What, me worry?” If you’re a Ravens fan who is deeply invested in the team’s fortunes for the 2022 season, you have probably tested...

Trust This Ravens Receiving Corps

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/27 1:09A Guest Blogger
In recent weeks, there has been a lot of attention surrounding free agency. Names like Jarvis Landry , Allen Robinson , and Julio Jones have appeared across Ravens fan pages and message boards more times than anyone can count. But what if, and...

Bateman Ready to Be The Man

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/25 12:43A Todd Karpovich
The Ravens apparently have the confidence Rashod Bateman is ready to embrace the role as the team’s No 1 wide receiver. Otherwise, they would’ve never traded Marquise Brown to the Arizona Cardinals during the NFL draft. Bateman is not backing...

Kyle Fuller Brings Depth With Potential Big Upside

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/24 11:46A Chris Schisler
The Baltimore Ravens have agreed to a deal with free-agent cornerback, Kyle Fuller . We have agreed to terms with CB Kyle Fuller : Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) May 24, 2022 This is a move that...

Greatest Players in Baltimore Ravens History

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/23 2:05A Michael O'Nair
Who are the greatest Ravens ever? What defines such an accomplishment? Consider the organization s longevity, major honors, Super Bowl championships, and Hall of Fame nominations. One thing is sure:...

5 Best Football Props Bets

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/23 1:19A Michael O'Nair
Fans of prop betting, which is short for proposition betting, come from different backgrounds and experience levels. There are many different options at online bookies, and they make football even...

First-Year Impact

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/23 1:08A Todd Karpovich
The Ravens always expect their rookies to push for starting jobs. That’s the nature of the business. However, this year will be especially critical for these first-year players to make an impact. The Ravens need some of these players to start,...

Main Factors That Help Pro Sports Grow

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/21 8:33P Michael O'Nair
The sports industry has grown significantly over the past decade, with people joining the sports bandwagon. A few years ago, sports activities only had a relatively modest following that kept the industry active. However, this industry has recorded...

Harbaugh’s “Rookie Tax” Likely to be Light in 2022

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/20 9:00A Chris Schisler
As head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, John Harbaugh has consistently made rookies earn their spot. Rookies don’t have a free pass to the starting lineup in Baltimore; they have to make it painfully obvious that they belong on the field. It’s...

Ravens Putting Pieces in Place to Run Back 2019 Blueprint

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/19 1:09A Chris Schisler
When the Ravens loaded up on tight ends with a double-dip in the 2022 NFL Draft, it was an obvious signal that they were trying to go back to what worked for them in 2019. It’s a narrative that was...

Leapin’ Ravens

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/18 8:26A Darin McCann
Three players who could make a big jump this season in Baltimore The Ravens rookie class is receiving its fair share of bouquets from the football world, and with good reason. You can debate positional value until you’re blue in the face, and...

The Need for More Depth

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/18 2:42A Todd Karpovich
While the Ravens earned high marks for the moves they made this offseason in free agency and the draft, there are still areas of the roster that need improvement, namely at wide receiver and cornerback. The Ravens have a young group of wide...

The Ravens Have Invested Plenty in the Passing Game

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/17 12:03P Chris Schisler
The Baltimore Ravens are more invested in their passing game than you might think. In fact, the Ravens have invested more in the wide receiver position than is generally perceived. While you can’t call Baltimore the capital of wide receiver talent...

No Comparisons

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/16 2:17A Todd Karpovich
The questions and comparisons about Ed Reed started for Kyle Hamilton almost as soon as he was drafted by the Ravens. At one point, he just had to shake his head and laugh about it. The reception was inevitable because of the shadow of Reed, who...

Beware of Schedule Leaks

Street Talk Baltimore Ravens 5/12 3:21A Tony Lombardi
At this time of year during the NFL offseason, I’m reminded of a major faux pas committed by yours truly. Perhaps you’ve read this story before. If not, for me, it was a lesson learned. Back in 2004,...
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