COVID-19 Pandemic To Blame For High Prices At Grocery Stores

CBS Baltimore (Local) 9/24 1:47P Local News – CBS Baltimore
BALTIMORE (WJZ) Grocery prices across the board from meat to eggs are soaring. The question is not what has gone up, but what hasn t. Eggs, beef, chicken, are seeing significant increases this past year. And the answer to most questions these...

Baltimore City Teacher Wins CIA Contest To Upgrade School Technology

CBS Baltimore (Local) 8/2 12:14P Local News – CBS Baltimore
BALTIMORE (WJZ)   What teacher Jenna Porter thought was a meeting with the principal turned out to be the biggest surprise she s ever had. The smile shone through her mask at Roland Park Elementary School when she found out she won a $25,000...

Teens Help Create ‘Together Govans’ Mural In Baltimore

CBS Baltimore (Local) 7/30 10:38A Local News – CBS Baltimore
BALTIMORE (WJZ) If you re driving along York Road in northeast Baltimore, you ll likely pass a new piece of art a mural designed and constructed entirely by young people, teenagers who live in the community. Together Govans, that s the name of...

Baltimore Ranks Ninth In Country For Highest Heat Index Scores

CBS Baltimore (Local) 7/20 11:51A Local News – CBS Baltimore
BALTIMORE (WJZ) A Climate Central report this month has among the highest Heat Index Scores in the country. The 7.08 Index Score rates Baltimore City ninth nationally meaning the city may be up seven degrees warmer on average. The report cites...
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